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Recommended Suppliers

Our goal is to make exhibiting easier, and at the same time, we want revenue to stay within the exhibition industry’s supply chain.

All of our suppliers are highly recommended by our customers and will benefit from 100% exposure to their exhibitors.

Benefits of becoming a FFAIR recommended supplier

Many of our recommended suppliers increase their exhibitor sales threefold due to our simple purchase flow, 100% exhibitor exposure and cross-sell upsell opportunities.

Other benefits include:

Revenue from your orders is deposited to your Stripe account immediately, no chasing payments
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We generate the tax invoices so you don’t have to
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Orders come straight through to your FFAIR portal
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Exhibitors can attach details to their order, including stand plans and detailed requirements.
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Add extras and upgrades to your main product
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Stock management and show-specific overrides ensure you never oversell any items.
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Be visible to 100% of the exhibitions’ exhibitors and sell more
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The product price you set is what you get
yep, we do it

When you become a FFAIR recommended supplier, you will be visible to our customers.

A Few of Our Recommended Suppliers

General Service

Exhibit 3 SixtyHavills Logo


Thorns GroupExhibit 3 Sixty

Audio Visual

Immersive AVLSFX Productions

Lead Capture

Jonas Event TechnologyFFAIR Logo


"FFAIR has been a huge turning point for us, tripling our orders! It's so easy to use, and the feedback we have had from our clientele has far exceeded our expectations. Not only did FFAIR make our lives easier, but it also increased customer satisfaction tenfold.

Customer Satisfaction is our priority and having this in our inventory has made our sales team's lives easier by bringing into place a smoother customer journey. It saved us time on calls and helped us easily identify the equipment we had for our clients, in terms of business it has increased our revenue and improved cash flow by allowing us to receive payments within minutes of the orders coming through.

FFAIR also helped us on-site with exhibitor queries; we were able to show the exhibitors precisely what had been ordered, resolving situations immediately. Managing stock levels within FFAIR automatically was also a considerable benefit, meaning that we never oversold products and could always see how much stock we had left."

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