From Manual to Remarkable: How Alpha Events Transformed their Exhibitor Experience and Showfloor with FFAIR

Alpha Events, is a dynamic division within the PLS Group, the largest independent conference organiser globally (owners of IQPC and WBR). Its dedicated team manages a year-round series of events, including the flagship annual exhibition, FinTech Connect at ExCeL London.

Committed to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for exhibitors and sponsors, Alpha Events elevated their customer service game whilst simultaneously improving the look and feel of their show floor by partnering with FFAIR. 

Lauren Tandon, Senior Event Operations Manager at Alpha Events, shares her experience:

“As a small team, efficiency is always a priority for us in managing our time and resources. Enhancing the exhibitor manual experience was a top priority for 2023, aiming to move away from manual chasing and reliance on complex spreadsheets.

“Transitioning from a PDF manual to an OEM was a new investment for Alpha Events, requiring a strong business case for internal stakeholders. Two standout features made FFAIR a no-brainer for us: the cost-effectiveness of the platform and the ability to confirm whether an email had been received by the exhibitor. Dealing with large financial institutions as exhibiting companies, we often faced security measures and strict firewalls around email communications. This posed a challenge for our event team, who previously struggled to identify if exhibitors were unable to receive our emails or simply chose not to respond.

With FFAIR, we can easily see if our emails are being blocked, allowing us to proactively explore alternative communication methods, preventing potential awkward situations onsite and delivering better customer service to our exhibitors.

“We love the automated reminder emails which proved to be a brilliant tool for building stronger relationships with our exhibitors. Not only did they expedite the completion of profiles, risk assessments, etc., but it also transformed us from a persistently reactive operations function into a more customer-success-oriented team. Exhibitors could approach us with questions instead of feeling bombarded by constant reminders.

“What we hadn’t anticipated was the impact FFAIR made for our events onsite. The ability to view all exhibitor orders enabled us to conduct more effective snagging pre-exhibitor and sponsor arrivals. Beyond checking standard stand packages, we could identify and address issues with additional orders, ensuring that by the time executives arrived, most issues were already resolved. This streamlined process meant significantly less time spent firefighting onsite.

“However, the standout outcome is that by using FFAIR and having a centralized shop, 88% of exhibitors (both shell scheme and space only) ordered more graphics, furniture, and power than in previous years. Onsite, this significantly improved the overall look of the show, with fewer exhibitors opting for pull-up banners and furniture from the office.

"The entire look and feel of our event improved, creating a more immersive experience for our attendees compared to previous years, all achieved with less stress and hassle.”

Get started with FFAIR today!

Get started with FFAIR today!

Get started with FFAIR today!