How FFAIR is Different to Your Current Exhibitor Manual

13 Jun 2024

We know what you’re thinking… I already have an online exhibitor manual and it’s fine.

It does the job.

That’s great and all, but… imagine if your online exhibitor manual was not only a source of pre-show information for your exhibitors but also guided them through the pre-event process.

Imagine it helped chase up artwork, logos, and speaker photos on your behalf.

Just imagine…

It was easy for your team to make changes to your manual in seconds.

Most online exhibitor manual providers don’t empower exhibition organisers to make their own changes, meaning that they have to contact their provider’s support team to update the copy and content.

Notice a typo? Need to change information? Log in to your FFAIR account, locate where you need to make the change, and update it yourself.

It sent personalised automated reminders to exhibitors of upcoming deadlines - so you don’t have to.

Our automated task reminder emails can be personalised and package-dependent. You set the deadline and allocate the exhibitor to the package and let the system do the rest.

This alone frees up months of operations time spent manually chasing exhibitors and sponsors. FFAIR organisers have reported significant time savings.

You could replicate one manual for multiple shows.

With the click of two buttons, FFAIR customers can copy their existing manual, meaning that for your next event edition, or for events that have similar suppliers or are at the same venue, the bulk of the manual will be created - you just need to update the pertinent information for that event (which you can do yourself).

Your manual integrated easily. With. Any. Other. Technology.

Our open API means that if we’re not already integrated with your event registration company, website, or other tech in your event technology stack, we can easily be.

We are open to working with any event technology suppliers and building relationships with event technology companies to take the pain out of integration for event organisers.

You had a say in the product roadmap.

FFAIR’s customers have anytime access to a fully transparent product roadmap, can add requests, and upvote other organisers’ requests. Our product managers and developers are guided by the feedback from our customers.

When exciting new features are added to the FFAIR platform, they’re available for all users immediately. You don’t have to wait until your next event installation to get the very best version of the FFAIR platform.

Your team had access to the very latest exhibitor order information - wherever they were in the world. With no need for a FFAIR user account.

FFAIR allows you to build custom reports and share information with the wider team.

Event team onsite but customer service team based back in the office? No problem. Whether your exhibitor has a query in the organisers office onsite or calls the main office helpdesk, every team member will have the most accurate information to hand.

Your exhibitors loved their exhibitor manual experience.

We don’t mean to boast, but exhibitors… they love FFAIR! 

“It was clear from the outset that FFAIR's UX had been designed with exhibitors in mind and, as such, was super straightforward to use with clear deadlines and  step-by-step instructions.” Exhibitor, Event Tech Live


And this is only scratching the surface….

We understand that taking on a new event tech platform can be stressful, that's why our customer success team are ready to support you through the entire process.

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