Tips on how to create an online exhibitor manual (that exhibitors will actually read!)

25 Mar 2024

Two people looking at an online exhibitor manual
Two people looking at an online exhibitor manual
Two people looking at an online exhibitor manual

While the exhibitor manual is the oracle of essential information for exhibiting companies, the challenge lies in ensuring that exhibitors not only receive the manual but also actively engage with its contents. 

Here’s six ways to enhance your exhibitor manual and guarantee a more informed and successful show for all involved.

  1. Ensure your exhibitor manual is available online

    PDF versions of exhibitor manuals present several challenges for exhibitors. Firstly, digesting long-form text in a PDF format on a screen can be cumbersome. Moreover, relying on printed manuals isn't environmentally friendly, and in today's predominantly work-from-home culture, access to printers and fax machines is increasingly limited. The shift to online exhibitor manuals began over two decades ago, and since then, technology has significantly evolved. If you aim to enhance engagement with your exhibitors, ensuring your manual is accessible online is the crucial first step.

  2. Guarantee delivery of the manual

    It may sound basic, but the first step is ensuring that your exhibitors actually receive the manual. Implement a system that confirms receipt, giving you the peace of mind that vital information is in the hands of those who need it most.

  3. Facilitate access to for all the team 

    Exhibiting companies vary in size, and so does the number of individuals involved in the process. Ensure that access to the online exhibitor manual is available to all your exhibitors’ relevant team members. This guarantees that everyone 'in the know' is equipped with the information required for a seamless exhibition experience.

  4. Harness the power of indexing

    Navigating a large volume of content can be overwhelming. Implement a user-friendly indexing system aligned with exhibitors' frequently asked questions. This ensures quick access to specific topics, whether it's PAT testing, Car Park Passes, or any other crucial information exhibitors need.

  5. Personalised weekly reminders

    Managing a multitude of tasks is a common challenge for exhibit marketers. Personalised weekly reminder emails prove invaluable in keeping exhibitors on track. Tailor these reminders to the specific stand or exhibitor package, focusing solely on uncompleted tasks. Automation is key to reducing workload for operations teams and ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience for exhibit marketers.

  6. Utilise engaging video content

    When essential information isn't garnering the desired engagement, consider replacing lengthy text with a library of video content. Videos provide a visually appealing and interactive way to convey information, capturing the attention of exhibitors and making the learning process more enjoyable.

  7. The Form is dead, long live the Task.
    Isn't it frustrating to be asked the same question over and over, when you've already provided this information… Well, that's what you're asking your exhibitors to complete yet another form. Use platforms that can help you eliminate this requirement and make your exhibitors lives much easier!

By implementing these tactics, you'll guarantee an increase in active engagement from exhibitors. If you're looking to update your online exhibitor manual experience, see why exhibitors and organisers love FFAIR. Book a demo