How FFAIR can improve an event professional's life onsite

Apr 12, 2024

While we often discuss how FFAIR can save valuable time for exhibition operations teams before an event, it might surprise you to learn that FFAIR can also enhance your life as an organizer during build up and show open. The benefits of FFAIR go beyond the platform itself and help exhibition organizers better manage onsite suppliers.

Here are five real ways in which FFAIR has improved the event experience for event organizers (inspired by our clients):

More Risk Assessments Completed

For an event operations professional, chasing risk assessments and other essential paperwork is perhaps the least attractive part of the job. Being the conduit between the exhibitor and the show’s health and safety lead can be a real headache.

By using FFAIR, event organizers are seeing essential documentation completed and approved, on average, over two weeks ahead of the deadline, saving the awkward in-person conversation onsite and a lot of stress and hassle.

Less Deliveries = Less Vans = Less Carbon Footprint

Nick Westernman, Head of Strategic Partner Events at NHS Confederation, describes how FFAIR has made an impact on its sustainability management onsite: "FFAIR has exceeded our expectations on many levels, creating benefits we had not contemplated, for example, reducing our carbon footprint. Approximately 80% of our exhibitors ordered from our preferred suppliers; a by-product of this success meant that there was a 50% reduction in vehicles on-site during build and breakdown, a big plus for the environment.”

Better Stock Management for Your Suppliers

FFAIR organizers are experiencing around 80-90% of exhibiting companies purchasing their stand items through the FFAIR Shop.

One central point-of-sale, allows your suppliers to better anticipate how much stock is required onsite, safe in the knowledge that almost all exhibitors have made purchases ahead of time.

Answering Questions in the Organizers Office

There’s nothing worse than having to queue twice, and exhibitors will tell you that standing in line at the organizers' office to then be redirected to a supplier's stand can be frustrating.

By using FFAIR as your central source of truth, you can see not only what packages your exhibitors have but also confirm what additional items were ordered (and from which suppliers). This allows your onsite operations teams to have an overview of every purchase and be able to answer exhibitor queries.

For larger shows with two organizers' offices or for teams who are supporting exhibitors on and offsite, FFAIR’s ‘Sync to Google Sheets’ functionality to ensure both teams have access to the latest information, removing the need for emails or multiple spreadsheets.

Take Your Pre-Event Snagging to the Next Level

The idea of running a proactive snag list is inspired by the brilliant Alpha Events ops team.

“What we hadn’t anticipated was the impact FFAIR made for our events onsite. The ability to view all exhibitor orders enabled us to conduct more effective snagging pre-exhibitor and sponsor arrivals. Beyond checking standard stand packages, we could identify and address issues with additional orders, ensuring that by the time executives arrived, most issues were already resolved. This streamlined process meant significantly less time spent firefighting onsite.”


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